Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Martha's Vineyard, Hull and Newbury St!

Where to begin? Probably one of the most eventful and fun weekends I have ever had. So much went on it's definitely going to be hard to get it all in here. To make it easy on the eyes, I decided to just load this entry with pictures and small captions here and there. Once again, to see all the pictures add me on FACEBOOK

This was my first time ever to Martha's Vineyard and I have to say, island life is a little bit different than Ohio. Black Dog, lobster ice cream, brightly painted houses, it's definitely a place worth visiting in your life time!

The ferry to Martha's Vineyard!

The house I stayed at on the island! Thanks Jackie!

A great view in Oaks Bluff!

The Pop-Up shop event was sooooo much fun. Like most events, we were let in a few at a time and given menus upon entering. Instead of food items, this menu was filled with the exclusive tshirts, belts, stickers, and other goodies. We all took our seats at the bar and began ordering as if it were a real restaurant! I ended up hanging out almost the entire night passing out Cupcakes Chronicles and answering as many questions about the event/brand as I could to the confused onlookers. I probably told the entire story more that night than I had in all my days prior.

The next day I headed back to the main land and to Hull, MA to see the flagship Johnny Cupcakes store! I don't think I lost my smile the entire time I was there. I also got some special visitors :)

Great billboard!

Lorraine and Linsay (Johnny's mom and sister) are great. I had a blast chatting with them for awhile about my trips and the brand. If you ever see them out and about don't hesitate to stop and say hi!

After Hull, it was off to Newbury St. in downtown Boston! The third and final stop of my trip. This store does not disappoint. Not only is it set in a great shopping district, the store is really awesome inside. I'm a huge fan of exposed brick walls so that definitely won me over. The displays looked great and the employees were awesome. It was great to see Tabby again after meeting her in LA!

This was my final weekend haul. 7 new shirts, 2 new belts, 2 new posters, and Boston exclusive hat.

Once again, I had a great trip and was so happy to meet some great people. Shout out to some online friends who I got a chance to meet: Dana, you rule! Brian street team partner! Evan and Mike you guys were awesome! I can't wait to see everyone in October for SITCM! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

PS - I'm in the process of building my collection still and another 30 days of nothing but Johnny Cupcakes shirts is coming! All new shirts!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home from LA and Boston-bound!

So for those of you who don't know, I had the most amazing time at the LA 2 year Anniversary! I made so many great new friends who I can't wait to see soon. It really brought my love for Johnny Cupcakes to a new level. Sleeping outside was totally worth getting to talk to all the fans and employees.

The event was a huge success! I ended up at 14th in line and when I got my numbered shirt I promised not to look at the number until I got home. Well amidst peer pressure from everyone else I did open it. Completely randomly I ended up with 1/100!! A great way to end an already amazing trip. For more pictures, add me on FACEBOOK

I headed straight from the event to LAX and got on my flight back to reality. I've been home a week now and although I've been busy moving into a new house of my own, I cannot wait for the next event. Which, luckily, is this weekend!

I'll be flying into Boston Friday evening and heading over to Martha's Vineyard early Saturday for the Pop-Up Shop event. Some people from the LA anniversary will be there so I'm real excited to see them again and to meet so many new people! I'll also be visiting the Hull and Boston stores on Sunday. That's all 3 shops and the pop-up in 2 weeks!

Stay tuned this weekend for updates!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 Days of Johnny Cupcakes - Day 2 and Morning 3 of the LA Anniversary pre-party!

Once the store opened on Friday I went in and made a few quick purchases. I bought so much I had to walk to a not-so-nearby UPS store and ship stuff home to myself! I guess it's a good thing I don't live within normal visiting distance of any of the shops.

Most of the afternoon was dedicated to Johnny's Ustream. We all had a blast crowding around the laptop and laughing at everyone's comments. Thanks to those of you who shouted out the blog <3

I wanted to get more pictures last night but I fell asleep pretty early. I guess it's all catching up to me. I will say that the longer we stay out here, the more comfortable I get on the sidewalk in front of Melrose Carpet!

Over the night a few more people got in line and I'm betting on a decent crowd tonight. Oh and Paul picked up donuts!!

Stay tuned for more pictures from the LA 2 year Anniversary!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

30 Days of Johnny Cupcakes - The wait begins!

I arrived in LA early this morning around 3:30. Johnny was there hanging out with a few of the people still awake in line so I finally got to meet him and a couple other familiar faces. Once Johnny left some people took off to go shower/work etc. and the rest went to sleep. I was still awake as the sun began to come up so I took a few pictures. More to come!!